Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

Body Corporate

The Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration Process:

  • Site Preparation.
    • (To comply with Council Regulations – Diverting of Water away from Council Storm Water Drains is essential pre commencement of any roof restoration works)
  • Changing Broken Roof Tiles
    • (Broken, Chipped and Cracked Tiles are replaced)
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Roof Surface
    • (All excess dirt, grime, moss/lichen and other contaiminates are removed using a high pressure cleaning process of approx 3500psi)
  • Rebedding of Ridgecapping Where Required
    • (Ridgecapping is rebedded where Ridgecaps are misaligned or need resetting)
  • Repointing of All Ridgecapping
    • (All Ridgecaps are repointed at a thickness of 3-6mm to secure the ridgecaps to the roof. This is done using Globalcote’s Flexible Pointing.  Flexible Pointing allows small ground movement without cracking and makes the roof secure and water tight)
  • Application of Globalcote “Prepcote” – Sterilising Solution
    • (Sterilises the Roof Surface for Mould and Fungal Growth)
  • Application of 3 Coats Globalcote Clear Glaze.
    • ( 3 Coats of Clear or 1 Coat Sealer and 2 Coats of a Coloured Roof Membrane  if preferred can be applied to the Roof Surface)