Metal Roof Restoration

Body Corporate

Whether the roof project relates to Unit Blocks, Apartments, Townhouses, Duplexes, Villages complexes, Commercial Premises all managed under a Body Corporate – JMZ can assist with restoring metal roof surfaces. Restoration over Replacement of a Metal Roof can save the management funds thousands of dollars. At JMZ you can rely on our dedicated team of Customer Service professionals and Qualified Roofing and Painting Tradesmen.

  • Colorbond
  • Trimdeck
  • Corrogated or Galvanised Steel
  • Zincalume or Aluminium

These Metal Roof Surfaces are known to attract heat. It is because of this we recommend a Heat Reflective Protective Coating for the Roof Surface as part of the Metal Roof Restoration process. At JMZ we recommend Globalcote “Infracote”, designed to reflect more sunlight off the roof before it absorbs as heat. Depending on colour selection, reflection off the roof surface can be up to 88%. Need to know more above the Globalcote range of Protective Coatings visit the website

Some of our recent metal roof restoration projects include:

  • Body Corporate for Robert McKeowan – Ashgrove
  • Body Corporate for Callan Court – Nundah
  • Body Corporate Wynyard Court – Cleveland
  • Mirrabrook Townhouse Complex – Calamvale
  • Capitol Body Corporate Services
  • Whittles Body Corporate Services

The Metal Roof Restoration Process:

  • Site Preparation.
    • (To comply with Council Regulations – Diverting of Water away from Council Storm Water Drains is essential prior to commencement of any roof restoration works)
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Roof Surface
    • (All excess dirt, grime, moss/lichen and other contaiminates are removed using high pressure cleaning at approx 3500psi)
  • Repairs
    • (Minor repairs only to metal roofs can be carried out where it is determined that screws/nails require replacement or holes to metal surfaces are minor and can be either siliconed or fibreglassed)
  • Application of Rust/Etch Primer
    • (Treats screws and rust affected areas)
  • Application of 2 Coats Globalcote Roof Membrane in Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range.
    • (2 Coats of Coloured Roof Membrane selected from the Globalcote or Colorbond Equivalent Colours is applied to the Roof Surface in either Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range)