Tile Roof Restoration

Body Corporate

Body Corporate Managers or Committees, have the responsibility of administering common properties to the benefit of all Owners.  Maintenance and upkeep to a building at some stage will include the Tiled Roof.  When it comes to choosing the right company for carrying out repairs to Apartment and Buildings with Tiled roofs you need to research companies that provide peace of mind for years to come.  Choose and research companies that offer security with the following:

  • A solid reputation
  • Are Licensed and Fully Insured
  • Experience in Roof Restoration to Tiled Roofs
  • Offer Quality Workmanship
  • Use Qualilty Products
  • Back the work and products with a Warranty

Whether the maintenance work to a tiled roof of a residential or commerical building is covered by a sinking fund or not, JMZ will be able to tailor an offer for a roof restoration project that meets the sinking fund and owners budget.

Some of our recent Body Corporate Clients Include:

  • Whittles Body Corporate
  • Ace Body Corporate
  • Capitol Body Corporate
  • Aveo Retirement Village
  • Stocklands

The Tiled Roof Restoration Process: 

  • Site Preparation.
    • (To comply with Council Regulations – Diverting of Water away from Council Storm Water Drains is essential prior to commencing any roof restoration works)
  • Changing Broken Roof Tiles
    • (Broken, Chipped and Cracked Tiles are replaced)
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Roof Surface
    • (All excess dirt, grime, moss/lichen and other contaminates are removed using a high pressure cleaning process at approx 3500psi)
  • Rebedding of Ridgecapping Where Required
    • (Ridgecapping is rebedded where Ridgecaps are misaligned or need resetting)
  • Repointing of All Ridgecapping
    • (All Ridgecaps are repointed at a uniform thickness of 3-5mm to secure the ridgecaps to the roof. This is done using Globalcote’s Flexible Pointing.  Flexible Pointing allows small ground movement without cracking and makes the roof secure and water tight)
  • Application of Globalcote “Primecote” – Sealer
    • (Sealing the Roof Surface ensures maximum adhesion of the Globalcote Roof Membrane Coating)
  • Application of 2 Coats Globalcote Roof Membrane in Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range.
    • (2 Coats of Coloured Roof Membrane applied to the Roof Surface in either Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range)