Skylights and Whirlybirds

At JMZ We can offer you a simple solution to your roof ventilation needs, with the install of Whirlybirds and Skylights. There are many different brands in the market but at JMZ our preferred products are the Edmonds Windmaster Wind Driven Whirlybirds and Solarbite Skylights.

WindMaster Wind Driven – Whirlybirds

Designed to remove the heat and moisture from the roof space of your home without any electrical energy and suitable for both Tiled and Metal Roofs.

How many Whirlybirds need to be installed?

The number of Whirlybirds you will need will vary based on your roof size. As a general recommendation by the Manufacturer of Windmaster Whirlybirds, 1-2 WindMasters is sufficient per 90m2 of roof space. For more information and assistance regarding install of whirlybirds to your roof, please contact us on 1300 760 076 or discuss your roof ventilation needs during an arranged time for a roof restoration quote.

Windmaster Whirlybirds do come in a number of colours that are available in this range of products, however, during the Roof Restoration process, Whirlybirds are usually installed with an aluminium finish then coated in with the roof in your preferred choice of colour not only to blend in but to provide a clean finished look to your roof.

Solarbrite Skylights

Designed to allow natural light into poorly lit living rooms of your home and suitable for both Tiled and Metal Roofs.

The standard SolaBrite skylight is available in 300mm and 400mm diameter options. This skylight allows natural light to enter through a roof mounted, high impact acrylic dome. Flexible foil tubing, in conjunction with upper and lower reflector rings carries the light to a prismatic diffuser, and natural light appears from the ceiling diffuser giving a similar effect to that of a powered light.

Available in the Skyight range is the Solar Brite Plus. SolaBrite Plus come in 350mm, 400mm and 500m sizing options and, as well as lighting living areas, incorporates ventilation tabs to help prevent condensation on the underside of the dome and heat build up in the tube, making the system suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.