Metal Roof Restoration


Metal Roofs are the most popular roof surface on Commerical Buildings and have proven to be the most economical and durable roofing system for Industrial Buildings. Metal Roofs, however, are subject to rust and corrosion and in time will show signs of ageing from being exposed to the elements. Rust and Corrosion are the typical signs that indicate the metal roof surface requires maintenance.

Reroofing a Commercial Building can prove to be an expensive project but can be the last resort especially when the roof sheeting of a building has deteriorated to a level where sheeting has significant holes from corrosion.

As a metal roof ages, it is recommended to consider a roof restoration before looking down the path of reroofing.

A Metal Roof Restoration is a cost effective solution to extending the life of a metal roof, it will also help with protecting the building and also contents of the building.

With the application of a protective roof membrane coating, JMZ we can assist with your next building project and provide our roof restoration services on any of the following Metal Roof Surfaces:

  • Colorbond
  • Trimdeck
  • Corrogated or Galvanised Steel
  • Zincalume or Aluminium

Metal Roof Surfaces are also renown for attracting heat so when discussing your metal roof restoration project. Using Globalcote “Infracote” Roof Membrane now available in the market today we can also assist with keeping the roof surface of any Commercial Building Cooler. “Infracote” reflects more sunlight off the roof before it absorbs as heat and depending on colour reflection off the roof surface can be up to 88%.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Aussieworld – Palmview
  • Retail Shops located 140 Logan Road, Woolloongabba
  • Commercial Premises located – 22 Campbell Street, Bowen Hills
  • Retail Shops located 22 Duke Street, Slacks Creek
  • Uniting Church Aged Care Facility – Maleny
  • St Pauls School – Bald Hills
  • Ormiston Historial House

The Metal Roof Restoration Process:

  • Site Preparation.
    • (To comply with Council Regulations – Diverting of Water away from Council Storm Water Drains is essential prior to commencement of any roof restoration works)
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Roof Surface
    • (All excess dirt, grime, moss/lichen and other contaiminates are removed using high pressure cleaning at approx 3500psi)
  • Repairs
    • (Minor repairs only to metal roofs can be carried out where it is determined that screws/nails require replacement or holes to metal surfaces are minor and can be either siliconed or fibreglassed)
  • Application of Rust/Etch Primer
    • (Treats screws and rust affected areas)
  • Application of 2 Coats Globalcote Roof Membrane in Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range.
    • (2 Coats of Coloured Roof Membrane selected from the Globalcote or Colorbond Equivalent Colours is applied to the Roof Surface in either Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range)