Tile Roof Restoration in Currumbin Waters

Repairs Only to a Tiled Roof is an option where the cost associated with a roof restoration is out of your current budget. It is always very important that when considerating repairs only over a full roof restoration you do look at the bigger picture. Is the age of your roof indicating that more than repairs is necessary and are you wanting to invest in your home and protect everything that you have worked hard for and is of great importance to you. Generally, tiled roofs aged between 10-15 years old and not been maintained, require some amount of repair/maintenance. As a point of interest, most Home and Contents Insurance Companies will not cover damages where it is found that general maintenance of a roof has been neglected by the homeowner.

Common problems found with Tiled Roofs

  1. Broken Roof Tiles – Deterioration of roof tiles from weathering, ground movement or even walking a roof by an inexperienced person can cause roof tiles to crack, break or be chipped. Leaving tiles in this condition result in water leaks during rainfall.
  2. Broken Ridgecapping – A combination of age, ground movement and poor pointing materials used in the initial construction of your roof generally leaves ridgecaps opened to potential leak issues.
  3. Bedding and Pointing – Cement Pointing a combination of sand and cement that was once a common bonding agent used in roofing, ages and breaks down with ground movement and weathering. Flexible Pointing is now available and has replaced Cement Pointing. Globalcote Flexible pointing is JMZ’s preferred adhesive for the securing of Ridgecaps to a roof surface.
  4. Broken Tile Clips – Tile clips help keep roof tiles in place. Tile clips are located and sit on a water course channel underneath a row of roof tiles. Tile Clips are know to commonly break and as they do become clogged causing blockages and a free flow of water from own the water course channel. As a result, water leaks become evident.
  5. Valley Clips – Valley Clips secure cut tiles in valleys. It is known that these clips can break causing tiles in the valleys to slip resulting in water leaks.
  6. Sarking – Is a Foil designed to reduce the transmission of moisture into a home and acts as a second skin to protect your interior from storm driven rain and dust. Ageing of this foil can result in tears requiring either replacement or repair. It is also now commonly found that during install of other items to the roof surface like skylights or solar can result in third parties cutting into the sarking film leaving an open area for water to enter into the roof cavity during rainfall.
  7. Valley Irons – A gutter system installed during construction of a home where 2 roofs meet. Valley Irons allow water to flow down off a roof and into the gutters. Valley Irons can be found to be installed not wide enough and during heavy rainfall cannot cope with the volume of water and channel it down the roof into the gutters. A solution to this issue can either be widening the valleys or installing Valley seal to block water away from entering inside a roof.
  8. Valley Seal – Valley Seal is a foam product that is designed to prevent water entering into a roof cavity during heavy rainfall. Like all products exposed to the elements and weathering valley seal can deteriorate and over a long period of time needs to be replaced.

Tile Roof Repair Process

  • Changing Broken Roof Tiles
    • (Broken, Chipped and Cracked Tiles are replaced)
  • Rebedding of Ridgecapping Where Required
    • (Ridgecapping is rebedded where Ridgecaps are misaligned or need restting)
  • Repointing of All Ridgecapping
    • (All Ridgecaps are repointed at a uniform thickness of 3-5mm to secure the ridgecaps to the roof. This is done using Globalcote’s Flexible Pointing. Flexible Pointing allows small ground movement without cracking and makes the roof secure and water tight)
  • Valley Clips
    • (Valley Clips installed to secure all valley tiles and prevent sliding of tiles in all Valleys)
  • Valley Seal – (optional)
    • (Valley Seal is a pliable foam strip that can be applied to all Valleys. It forms a barrier and directs water during rainfall down the roof and valleys into the gutters. Is also a prevention against leak issues)

Add Value And Protect Your Home