Roof Restoration in Mount Gravatt

The roof is the most important part of your home because it protects everything that is housed beneath. Whether it is a Tiled Roof, Metal Roof, Iron Roof, Terracotta Roof, Asbestos Roof or Super 6 Roof it is exposed to the elements of weathering and over time will age. JMZ specialise in roof painting and roof restoration across Queensland.

Like most elements exposed to the Queensland Climate, your roof will deteriorate over time if not maintained. Aged Roof surfaces will need attention to not only ensure that they are watertight and prevent leaks, but also to preserve their appearance, protect your property, retain the longevity of your roof surface and uphold your property value.

As a Home Owner you may be unsure whether the best solution is to restore, reroof or simply repair the roof of your home. A quality roof restoration will not only revive the look of your home, it will also add to property value, and save you money without having to reroof. At JMZ Roof Restorations we specialise in roof repairs and roof restoration. The following guideline may assist you in deciding what is best solution for your roof restoration project.

Roof Restoration – Tiled Roof (Clean – Change Broken Tiles – Re-bed – Repoint – Sterilise – Seal – Paint) Recommended for Tiled Roofs that show the signs of weathering, broken roof tiles, crumbling bedding and pointing and deterioration of the original roof coating. Read More

Roof Restoration – Metal Roof (Clean – Rust Prime – Seal – Paint) Recommended for Metal Roofs that are showing signs of surface rust and oxidisation of the original roof coating. Read More

Roof Repairs – Tiled Roof (Change Broken Tiles – Re-bed – Repoint) Recommended only in cases where minor leaks are of concern.

Roof Repairs – Metal Roof (Requires the expertise of a Roof Plumber or Metal Roofing Specialist) Recommended where minor leaks are of concern.

Re-Roof – Requires the expertise of a Metal Roofing Company not a Roof Restoration Company. Recommended where the sheeting of the roof is beyond repair, rust has eaten into the metal and major leaks are of concern.

JMZ Roof Restorations have been restoring roofs since 1992 and we are proud to say that we have built a solid reputation among the Domestic, Commercial and Body Corporate markets – providing quality roof restorations to tiled – metal – terracotta roofs and repairs to tiled roofs throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. Operating for more than 26 years we have seen the roof restoration industry grow with more and more tilers, painters and handymen establishing their business everyday as Roof Restoration Companies. As a Home Owner looking to maintain your roof, which roof restoration company to choose can also lead to much confusion. There will always be companies who offer roof restorations at a lower cost that most home owners feel they can afford, but such companies can also skimp on providing the service or quality roof restoration a home owner would expect for their hard earned money. Home maintenance projects can become quite expensive so when making the decision as to who should repair or restore your roof, always select a reputable Company that offers the best “Value for Money”, that provides the best service, that uses the best products available in the market today and who’s roof restoration work is carried out only by qualified Roof Tiling and Roof Painting tradesmen and provides a dual written warranty on both product and workmanship for many years to come.

Add Value And Protect Your Home