Roof Painting in Kenmore

Is your Roof looking Aged?

Painting your roof using the Globalcote Roof Coating system not only revives the look of your roof but gives the roof surface a protective coating which assists with the elements of weathering.

Need to Cool your Home for Summer?

Selecting the right colour from the Globalcote Infracote Roof Coating range can allow the Sun’s UV Rays to reflect at a higher rate than standard roof coatings. Your home inside becomes cooler reducing the need for costly air-conditioner consumption.

Are you renovating your home and considering painting your roof?

It’s always a good idea to start with the roof. JMZ roof painting service offers best value for money. JMZ ensure that any potential leak issues are addressed and your internal refurbishments protected. Repainting your Tiled, Colorbond, Metal or Iron Roof can be a more cost effective path to follow than replacing your roof and if done by a Professional roof painting company, will also add not only visual appeal but real value to your home.

Add Value And Protect Your Home