Metal Roof Restoration in Springwood

Metal Roofs deteriorate over time from fading, oxidisation or rust especially when exposed to Queensland’s harsh weather conditions. When these signs of ageing start to show on your roof, that dull and neglected look take away from your home’s street appeal.  This doesn’t mean you need to consider a total roof replacement.  A Metal Roof Restoration can be a long lasting solution that will enhance the overall appearance of your home without the expense of other roofing solutions available in the market today.   Whether you have a Colorbond, Corrogated Iron, Galvanised Iron, Trimdeck, Cliplock, Zincalume or Metal Tiled Roof we are here to provide a hassle free experience with a Metal Roof Restoration.

Metal Roofs can also allow heat penetration, resulting in a hotter home during the Summer Months.  Using Globalcote’s “infracote” Roof Membrane Coating we can provide you a heat reflective solution for a cooler home and reduction in energy saving costs. 

Give your Home a New Roof Look with a Metal Roof Restoration by JMZ.

The Metal Roof Restoration Process: 

  • Site Preparation.
    • (To comply with Council Regulations – Diverting of Water away from Council Storm Water Drains is essential pre commencement of any roof restoration works)
  • High Pressure Cleaning of Roof Surface
    • (All excess dirt, grime, moss/lichen and other contaiminates are removed using a high pressure cleaning process of approx 3500psi)
  • Application of Rust/Etch Primer
    • (Treats screws and rust affected areas)
  • Application of 2 Coats Globalcote Roof Membrane in Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range.
    • (2 Coats of Coloured Roof Membrane selected from the Globalcote or Colorbond Equivalent Colours is applied to the Roof Surface in either Standard Gloss or Heat Reflective Range)

Add Value And Protect Your Home