Energy efficiency in the home is more important than ever.

With electricity and gas prices rising, energy in Australia is more expensive than ever.

Your roof plays a huge part in the overall energy efficiency of your home and there are things you can do to your established roof or consider if you are building a new home to maximise that efficiency.

When you think of an energy efficient roof, solar panels are likely front of mind; but did you know that the right roofing choices can go a long way to keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter assisting you in saving on your energy bill?

Ways to make your roof is energy efficient


Globalcote is a heat resistant roof coating that is able to tolerate the harsh Australian climate. By resisting heat, Globalcote keeps roofs cooler in summer and therefore makes your home more energy efficient.

Whirly Birds (Ventilation)

Whirlybirds are ventilators specifically designed for the roof. They remove trapped heat in the summer and moisture in the winter.

They scoop wind through the turbine, causing the vent to rotate which results in the hot air in the roof being drawn upwards and sucked out like a vacuum.


Without sufficient roof insulation you could lose up to 40% of your homes heating and cooling energy through the roof according to the Australian Greenhouse Office. Insulation acts as a barrier, lowering heat loss and stopping it leaking out via the roof.

Roof colour

Dark roofs tend to absorb heat, so unless you live in a cooler climate you should opt for lighter colours, which will have no effect on indoor temperatures, as they will reflect light and heat rather than absorbing them.

If your home is not energy efficient then it could be costing you big bucks and with 38% of the average homes energy use due to heating and cooling, now is the time to think about making your home more energy efficient!

Get in touch with JMZ to discuss how a roof restoration can help to make your home more energy efficient.



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