Often, roofs are not a priority when it comes to home maintenance.

With proper maintenance, your roof should last at least 25 years but without properly looking after your roof, you could be looking at costly repairs down the track or even a whole roof replacement!

The QLD weather means your roof gets some serious wear and tear, scorching sunshine and heavy rain can occasionally cause issues with your roof but the good news is, with a little TLC, a roof replacement is completely avoidable!

5 facts about roof maintenance to prolong the life of your roof:

  1. Address minor issues immediately. Minor issues can turn into major ones if left unaddressed and the cost to fix any small leaks or minor damage as soon as you notice them will be significantly less than if you leave the issue to escalate.
  2. Perform visual checks often. When you look up at your roof from the ground, you’ll be able to see any missing flashing, damaged gutters, lifting or missing shingles and any other roof issues that need addressing.
  3. Repaint your roof to extend its life. A roof repaint involves a thorough clean of the roof and repainting it will offer it protection from the elements. This will also give a professional the opportunity to make you aware of and address any issues such as broken or missing tiles.
  4. Remove moss and mould. By removing overhanging branches, leaves and properly ventilating your roof you should be able to keep it moss and mould free. Anything that grows on your roof has the potential to cause damage and break down materials on the roof so removing them ASAP is the best way to prevent this.
  5. Keep gutters and downpipes clean. Leaves and tree branches can often find their way into gutters and downpipes and leaving them to build up will likely cause a backflow of water, which will leak into your roof. It’s especially important to ensure your gutters are clean before storm season hits as significant rainfall and blocked gutters are a recipe for roofing disaster!

Whether you have a metal, tile, or terracotta roof, JMZ Roof Restorations can restore your roof if needs be but even better, ensure any roofing issues are addressed before it’s too late!





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