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Globalcote Roof Coating System

Globalcote Roof Membrane Coating System

When you are looking at restoring a roof, you want the job to last a long time. Any products you use need to withstand the test of time and Australia’s extreme climate conditions. The Globalcote Roof Membrane Coating System is designed and formulated by a chemist, with over 40 years of experience in the roof restoration industry, to protect your roof restoration against the harmful effects of the Australian climate. Globalcote Roof Membrane Coatings are designed and manufactured to last a long time in the harshest of environments, such as we have in parts of Australia. Globalcote roof coating is heat resistant and most heat is reflected off the coating making your home or building cooler during the hot summer months, which reduces energy consumption and lowers electricity costs.

One of the largest manufacturers in the world produces Globalcote Roof Membrane Coatings, using the highest quality pigments to ensure the restored roof has the most resistance possible to aging and signs of weathering such as fading and dis-colouration in the harsh Australian weather conditions.

As Globalcote Roof Membrane Coatings are manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions they are specially formulated to protect your roof restoration much longer than a conventional acrylic roof coating. The roof membrane coating is completely waterproof and dirt repellent, so roof cleaning requirements are minimal.

Made from 100% acrylic high gloss, Globalcote Roof Membrane Coatings are designed to resurface concrete roof tiles and metal roofing. According to the latest research pure acrylic roof coatings are the most resistant to ultra violet light and have the greatest durability.

Globalcote Roof Membrane coatings can be applied using a brush, roller or can be sprayed onto:

  • Concrete slab buildings
  • Brick and block construction
  • Concrete and terracotta roof tiles
  • Fibro cement sheeting

If you would like more information about the Globalcote Roof Coating system click here, or contact JMZ Roof Restorations, they provide a 10 year written warranty on the application and the product. That’s how confident they are that the Globalcote Roof Membrane Coating will outlast other conventional roof coatings on the market.

JMZ 10 year written workmanship warranty

What to Look for When Choosing a Roof Restoration Company


If you are looking for a quality tile roof restoration then you will need to know what to look for when choosing a roof restoration company.  There’s 8 main steps to the process. If any of these steps are missed there may be issues with your roof restoration in the future. The quality of the products used by your roof restoration company must be top quality and be able to stand the extreme climate conditions that we have here in Australia.

These are the 8 main steps to look for when you are choosing a top quality roof restoration company:

  1. Your roof should be clean at a high pressure (minimum of 3000psi) to remove all dirt, grime, moss and other roof surface contaminates that could interfere with the roof restoration re- surfacing and application of coatings.
  2. A surface applied chemical treatment should be used to sterilize the surface against any future mould and fungus growth on the tile surfaces.
  3. To ensure the job will last a long time re-bedding of any loose or damaged tiles is essential for tile roofs. All shifted or damaged ridge capping should be re-bedded when required and any broken tiles should be replaced.
  4. It is advisable that all ridge caps should be re-pointed with flexible pointing to guard against future damage to the pointing caused by movement of the roof.
  5. The application of a top quality surface sealant is essential for a good tile roof restoration job, using a top quality roof sealer to ensure maximum adhesion.
  6. The best tile roof restorations should include the hand brushed application of a top quality roof membrane, onto all ridge capping to provide the maximum weather proofing.
  7. The first coat of quality roof membrane product should achieve a complete overall coverage of the entire roof surface.
  8. The final coat roof membrane should also achieve a complete overall surface coverage of the entire roof surface.

When these steps are all part of the process offered to you for restoring your roof and the work is accompanied by a 10 year written warranty on materials and workmanship, you are onto a winner!

For more information on Brisbane quality roof restorations you can read more here