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Exterior Painting

JMZ Roof Restorations extend our services with some aspects of exterior and interior painting. Some additions to enhancing your JMZ roof restoration and exterior of your home could be achieved by painting house Gutters, Fascias, Soffiets/Eaves, Downpipes, Waste and Vent Pipes, Rendered Walls and even resealing concrete driveways & pathways.At JMZ Roof Restorations we can transform your home using Graphenstone – Paints for the Green Generation.   Graphenstone Mineral Paints, Renders and Primers are lime based interior and exterior coatings containing graphene enforcements. Graphenstone ecological paints and solutions have been developed to change the face of sustainable design.The use of graphene is, today, a reality that will make possible new materials and more sustainable designs.  Thanks to Graphenstone, the coating and paint industry meets for the first time, the only 100% natural paint in the world with graphene technology.

  • improves air quality of indoor environments;
  • limits pathogens;
    prevents mould growth, fungi, and bacteria;
  • guarantees safe domestic environments; and
  • increases comfort and quality of life

Graphenstone products applied to interior and exterior walls, allow them to breathe and absorb CO2 due to its mineral base (limestone), as well as acting as a thermal and acoustic regulator.Graphenstone coatings are formulated with a high quality lime base. This purity and high pH prevents mould growth and bacteria reproduction on its surface.

Graphene fibres act to improve flexibility and strength. Graphenstone paints have a guaranteed life of 10 years.

Graphenstone is the ultimate ecological range of products, composed of natural elements that purify the air we breathe inside our homes. It is suitable for people suffering from chemical intolerance and respiratory issues like Asthma.  Graphenstone is recommended for indoor enclosures, hospitals, nurseries, schools, or rooms for infants and children.

The health benefits resulting from the use of Graphenstone materials for individuals living in eco-sustainable homes include: Graphenstone is the first paint approved by Global GreenTag as Level A in its GreenRate scheme and has also been certified as Asthma Friendly by Sensitive Choice Australia.

Concrete Painting

Cracked, tired and worn driveways can make the look of your home and garden quite ugly reducing its street appeal.
Transform and improve the look of your driveway with an economical restoration solution that JMZ offer using Globalcote’s Cretecote coloured coatings.

Globalcote Cretecote is a water based concrete paint and sealer for sealing and/or colouring concrete and cementitious coatings.

With a blend of self cross-linking polymers and high performance nanotechnology, Cretecote is formulated to provide high durability, versatility, superior adhesion and ease of application.

Cretecote is fast drying, washes up with water and is low odour.

Cretecote is a more environmentally friendly choice than conventional solvent-based systems.

Available in a wide range of colours, Globalcote’s Cretecote is durable, looks attractive and will most certainly compliment the exterior of your home.
3 Steps to Resealing Concrete Driveways and Paths.

  • Step 1: High Pressure Clean
  • Step 2: Application of 1 Coat Primer
  • Step 3: Application of 2 Coats Coloured Sealer


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