1. Why do I need to restore my roof?

Your roof not only forms an integral part to the structure of your home but it is designed to protect your most valued assets that are housed beneath. Keeping it well maintained will provide you peace of mind for a long time. Exposure to weathering over time can compromise the integrity of roof surface resulting in broken tiles, bedding and pointing on Tiled Roofs and oxidisation or rust that can permeate into Metal Roofs, eventually causing leaks. It is important that when proceeding with a roof restoration quality roof coatings are applied as a measure of providing the necessary protection against environmental damage. A JMZ Roof Restoration will not only provide you the necessary maintenance your roof needs but will change the overall appearance adding value to your most prize possession …. your home.

2. What are the Procedures for restoring my roof?

Tile/Terracotta Roof Restorations: Clean – Repair – Sterilise – Seal – Coat

Metal Roof Restorations: Clean – Etch Prime – Seal – Coat

Preparation of the roof surface is paramount and JMZ recognises this as one of the most important aspects of the entire roof restoration process. The cleaning procedure begins with high-pressure water blasting and applying sterilizing solution. Once the fungal and algal spoilage has been completely destroyed, then any faulty, cracked or broken tiles are repaired or replaced. Once the roof has been prepared appropriately, the roof is then primed with the Globalcote Roof Sealer, then two coats of the Globalcote Roof Membrane.

3. How long will it take?

A JMZ Roof Restoration on average takes two to three days – one day each for cleaning, tile repair and maintenance, and coating.

4. Can I be assured of professional trades people?

All JMZ employees are professional, trained and skilled in their field of expertise. From our Customer Service Staff, to Painters and Roof Tilers you are guaranteed exceptional service, quality workmanship and an experience that we are certain you will want to share and recommend among family and friends.

5. Is there a warranty?

JMZ Roof Restorations back their Workmanship and Globalcote Roof Coating System with a dual 10 Year Written Warranty.

6. What about finance options?

JMZ Roof Restorations are an authorised Merchant for GE Money. Your Roof Restoration can be financed using your existing GE Creditline, Go Mastercard, Buyers Edge or GEMVisa. Not an existing Customer of GE Money? Its as simple as applying online today at www.gemvisa.com.au

7. What Products do You use?

JMZ Roof Restorations use and will only recommend Globalcote Roof Coatings – more than just a surface coating, it is a proven system that protects against harmful UV rays, peeling, flaking, pollution, dirt pickup, discoloration and mould growth.

8. Why use Globalcote Roof Membrane?

The Globalcote Roof Membrane provides maximum protection for your roof and will ensure a long lasting finish.

9. Are you dealing with a Company that is reputable and has been in business longer than the warranty they issue?

JMZ Roof Restorations has been in business for 20 years (double the time our roof restorations are warranted) and still operating under the original ownership.

10. Are you dealing with a Company that has a professional set up?

JMZ Roof Restorations has a professional showroom set up located in Brisbane’s Bayside suburb of Cleveland and do not operate out of the back of a Tradesman ute. Servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas – deal with our professional office staff during normal business hours.

11. Are you dealing with a commission based Salesman?

JMZ Roof Restorations Business Owner, John and Business Manager Cameron carry out all our onsite measures and quotes. You will deal direct with John or Cameron who take the time to discuss the roof restoration process in detail, giving you the answers you need and providing you peace of mind.

12. Are you dealing with a Company who employs Subcontractors?

JMZ Roof Tilers and Painters are fully qualified and work exclusively for JMZ Roof Restorations. No need to worry about subcontractors not showing up to the job.

13. Are you dealing with a Company that holds current Licenses?

JMZ Roof Restorations hold both Roof Tiling and Painting and Decorating Licenses. Registered with the QBSA – License No: 79306 No Nominees involved in our business operation.

14. Are you dealing with a Company that is fully insured?

JMZ Roof Restorations has full comprehensive insurance cover for both Workers and Public Liability.

15. Are you dealing with a Company that is all about Quality?

JMZ Roof Restorations pride their work, wont cut corners to save a dollar. We use and only recommend, fully tested, certified and quality products – The Globalcote Roof Coating System.

16. Are you dealing with a Company that warrants the roof restoration?

JMZ Roof Restorations warrants on both workmanship and product and issues a 10 year dual warranty on completion of roof restoration.

17. Are you dealing with the Best there is in Roof Restorations?

JMZ Roof Restorations – Not the Cheapest but the Best! The “Quality Remains long after the price is forgotten” …. Quoted by Rolls Royce.

18. Warning! Hundreds of travelling Conmen ripping innocent homeowners off!

Check out this video broadcast on “Today Tonight” recently


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