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JMZ Recommends Globalcote Products

With any roof restoration it is important to ask if the products being applied to your roof are made to last.

The most important factor after preparation and paint quality that affects the life of a coating is the proper application of the specification set out by the manufacturer. Coatings today are far more specialised in their use and purpose and in general require specific application of the full system to maximise performance.

At JMZ we ensure that all materials applied to your roof are manufactured by Globalcote.


Qualified Tradesmen

At JMZ we employ qualified tradesmen with extensive knowledge and experience. With staff conveniently located across Brisbane, JMZ are able to provide service to all Brisbane areas: North, South, East and Western suburbs as well as Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

Affordable Roof Restoration Service

John and the JMZ Team, Just a quick review to express our thanks for a top quality roof restoration you completed for us back in December. Also a big thank you for organising so quickly to have our gutters painted to match our new roof colour. We would have no hesitation in recommending JMZ in the future.

Preparing for Summer

Summer is fast approaching and with Summer comes storms.  Your roof is designed to protect you, your family and assets from the weather 27/7.  Don’t wait for a problem to appear before you act.

Roof Restoration Checklist:

  • Does your tiled roof leak?
  • Does your roof have broken roof tiles, bedding and pointing?
  • Has the roof colour faded from weathering over time and is mould and moss growing over the roof tiles?
  • Is there any visible damage to the roof?

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Handyman versus JMZ Roof Restorations

There are many handymen and unqualified tradesmen around today advertising roof painting services for cheap.   No Business Name, No Logo,  and  only a Mobile Contact Number should be warning signs to the Home Owner not to deal with these backyard operators.  These type of operators don’t have the appropriate licences or insurances, use inferior products and are not around long enough to back any warranty they may offer.   Dealing with a professional and qualified roof restorer like JMZ Roof Restorations will provide peace of mind long term.   Fully Licensed in Roof Restorations and Painting, Fully insured, Use and only recommend quality roof coatings like the Globalcote Roof Coating System,  JMZ Roof Restorations back all Roof Restoration work with a 10 year Material and Workmanship Warranty.

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Special Offer – September 2014

During the Month of September JMZ Roof Restorations are offering with every Tiled Roof, Colorbond/Metal Roof or Terracotta Roof Restoration  FREE!  – 2 Whirlybirds or a 300mm Solarbite Skylight.  Your choice.  Don’t miss out on this offer – call us now 1300 760 076 or click here for a free quote.

Whirlybirds assist with removing heat trapped in the Roof Cavity during Summer and removing moisture trapped in the Roof Cavity during Winter.

Skylights are the perfect way to illuminate small dimly lit rooms.