Sustainability is a key consideration when it comes to roofing

Sustainability not only means being mindful of our energy consumption and making choices to be as energy efficient as possible, it can also incorporate the ability to produce clean energy.

How can you incorporate sustainability into your roof?

Globalcote Coatings

A cool roof reduces air pollution and global warming by reducing heat in the roof space. Globalcote Roof Membrane Coating System is a roof paint that is designed for climate protection. It is able to tolerate the harsh Australian climate and temperatures by resisting heat. This means that your home with be cooler during summer, and in turn will reduce energy consumption.


The potential savings in energy and energy costs through the use of efficient insulation. By effectively and professionally insulating your roof so that it doesn’t trap excess heat and moisture you can regulate the temperature of your home, reducing energy consumption.


Whirlybirds remove heat and moisture from the roof. This wind driven design improves the insulation and ventilation of your roof space, without the use of electricity.

Solar Power

Solar panels capture the suns energy whenever the sun is shining. The solar energy is transferred into an inverter, which in turn supplies your home with clean electricity. If the system is producing more energy than your home is consuming then any extra electricity is fed into the mains power grid, producing clean energy, and possibly getting a credit on your electricity bill! Solar power requires little maintenance, making it a perfect sustainable solution.

Sustainable energy will play a significant part in the future of Australia, making educated choices when it comes to your roof means you can save money and the negative impact on the environment.

JMZ Roof Restorations are able to offer a range of sustainable energy solutions to consider when resorting your roof, saving you energy, money, and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Meta description: When restoring your roof you should consider the sustainability of the options you are choosing – sustainable energy will play a significant part in the future of Australia.


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