Save money with adequate insulation and ventilation in your roof space

Save money on cooling your home this summer with adequate insulation and ventilation in your roof space.

Insulation and ventilation are the most cost effective ways to make your home more energy efficient.

In summer insulation keeps the warm air from heating up your home, and in winter it keeps the warm air in your living space and stops it from transferring out of your roof. Ventilation allows hot air to escape from your roof in summer, and regulates the temperature and moisture in winter.

Ways to improve your insulation and ventilation

  • Install a whirlybird ventilator
  • Whirlybirds remove trapped heat in your roof in the summer and moisture in the winter

A whirlybird is a ventilator designed specifically for the roof. They have fins that scoop the wind and as this wind blows through the turbine, it causes the vent to rotate which results in the hot air from the interior of the roof being sucked out like a vacuum. Basically, the hot air in the roof gets drawn upwards and the hot air is expelled through the whirlybirds vents.

Whirlybirds are suitable for most roof types and JMZ Roof Restorations can install Edmonds Windmaster Ventilations in a large range of colours to suit any roof.

Repaint your roof

If your roof is due for a repaint, considering JMZ Roof Restorations as they use the Globalcote Roof Membrane Coating System for climate protection. Globalcote has been designed to withstand the highest of temperatures, tolerating the harsh Australian weather conditions. The heat resisting roof coating means that homes will be cooler during the summer months and energy consumption will be reduced.

Improving your insulation and ventilation is essential to regulate the temperature of your roof – which is a trap for heat and moisture. In turn this reduces your energy consumption and lowers your energy bills. Contact the team at JMZ Roof Restorations today to discuss how your insulation or ventilation needs.


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