Restoring your roof? The importance of choosing the right colour.

It is one of the largest elements of a home, so deciding on the colour when restoring your roof is a decision that needs some careful consideration.

The roof plays a substantial role in the overall look, and climatic conditions inside the house, so it’s important to choose the right colour for your home.

When restoring your roof, the chances are you won’t want to invest the time and expense in changing the colour again any time in the near future, so here are some things to consider to get it right the first time.

Be mindful that colour’s always appear lighter when on the roof, compared to a colour chart. This is due to the colour on the chart being on a light background, so appearing darker. Once on the roof, the angle of the roof and the large space the tile occupies will make it look lighter. Considering this, when choosing the colour, opt for one shade darker on the colour chart than the one you like, this will be closer to the colour you are wanting when it is on the actual roof.

Choose complementary colours to the colour of the main structure of your home. Also consider whether you are planning on changing the colour of your home in future to ensure the roof will still match, if your home has a painted exterior for example.

Consider climate conditions. If you live in a hot climate, dark coloured roofs tend to absorb heat, so unless you live in a cooler climate it is advised to stay away from the darker colours and opt for lighter colours which will have less impact on indoor temperatures.

Repeat the roof colour in less desirable elements of the house such as gutters that you don’t want to stand out. You can also repeat the roof colour in smaller elements around the home, for example, a mailbox or fence. This will balance the colour and tie different aspects of the exterior together.

When considering restoring your roof, the team at JMZ Roof Restorations will discuss your thoughts and offer you personalised advice and recommendations for your home, based on your ideas combined with their extensive knowledge and experience.


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