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Benefits of installing a skylight!

Do you feel like a dark cloud is always over your home? Maybe the quality of your home life would improve if you simply had more light coming through the lounge room, hallway, kitchen or living areas. Then you may wish to consider the benefits of installing a skylight for you and your property.

Skylights are ideal for the following five reasons:

1. Natural Lighting – even though its in the name, skylights help your home capture and utilise all the natural light that is provided during the day. By allowing that natural light to come in provides that homely vibe and overall brighter spaces.

2. Extra Lighting – some houses during the day may not get much natural light due to obstruction of the sun by trees or neighbouring properties. A skylight is an excellent option if current windows aren’t working as efficiently as they should be.

3. Going Green – by installing skylights, you will use less electricity than before removing the need to flick lights on and off all day, which means you will notice a reduction in your electricity bill, not only is this great on your back pocket but it is also perfect for the environment with your house using less electricity.

4. Value of your Property – Generally speaking, skylights (especially if they are installed for dark areas in the home) will only add value to your property, as it improves the overall aesthetic of the house and will attract homebuyers as the walk into a naturally well-lit homely environment with the bonus of green energy for them too.

5. Health Improvements – It has been proven humans need sunlight everyday to improve our quality of life, by installing a skylight you are bringing the natural benefits of filtered sunlight directly to you and your family.

If you decide a skylight would be perfect for you and would like to have installed for your property get in touch with the JMZ team. We aren’t just about skylights either we are your local roofing specialists offering services from roof painting and restoration, done by our qualified and professional tradesmen, your home will be in the best of care so contact JMZ Roof Restoration today, click here.


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19 February, 2014
5/5 stars
John and the JMZ Team, Just a quick review to express our thanks for a top quality roof restoration you completed for us back in December. Also a big thank you for organising so quickly to have our gutters painted to match our new roof colour. We would have no hesitation in recommending JMZ in the future.
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